Our Work “MetaCast: A Self-Driven Metaverse Announcer Architecture Based on Quality of Experience Evaluation Model” Is Accepted By ACM MM’ 23

We propose a three-stage architecture for metaverse announcers, which is designed to identify events, position cameras, and blend between shots. Based on the architecture, we introduce a Metaverse Announcer User Experience (MAUE) model to identify the factors affecting the users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) from a human-centered perspective. In addition, we implement MetaCast, a practical self-driven metaverse announcer in a university campus metaverse prototype, to conduct user studies for MAUE model. The experimental results have effectively achieved satisfactory announcer settings that align with the preferences of most users, encompassing parameters such as video transition rate, repetition rate, importance threshold value, and image composition.

Our paper on Blockchain-Based Carbon Market Analysis Accepted by IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine

Our work “Altruistic and Profit-oriented: Making Sense of Roles in Web3 Community from Airdrop Perspective” is accepted by ACM CHI’23

Our Work On NFT Market Manipulation Accepted By IEEE Transactions On Computational Social Systems

Our Work MetaCube Editor Accepted By IEEE Communications Magazine

Our Work “Metaverse for Social Good : A University Campus Prototye” Has Been Accepted by ACM MM’21