Our work “Altruistic and Profit-oriented: Making Sense of Roles in Web3 Community from Airdrop Perspective” is accepted by ACM CHI’23

Many decentralized applications (DApps) issue airdrops to early supporters for their contributions. However, most eligible users are motivated by financial profit or preferential access to tokens with governance rights to obtain quick cash. In this paper, we take ParaSwap as a representative example, trying to evaluate the Web 3.0 community and the effectiveness of allocation principles through the analysis of eligible users’ behavior and token transaction network.

Our Work On NFT Market Manipulation Accepted By IEEE Transactions On Computational Social Systems

Our Work MetaCube Editor Accepted By IEEE Communications Magazine

Our Work on Analyzing Player Behavior in Blockchain Games Accepted by ACM FDG’22

Our paper “Economic Analysis of Decentralized Exchange Market with Transaction Fee Mining” received the Best Paper Award from ACM BSCI‘22!

Our Work “Metaverse for Social Good : A University Campus Prototye” Has Been Accepted by ACM MM’21