Our Work “Web3 Metaverse: State-of-the-Art and Vision” Is Accepted By ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMM)

The metaverse, as a rapidly evolving socio-technical phenomenon, exhibits significant potential across diverse domains by leveraging Web3 (a.k.a. Web 3.0) technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This survey aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Web3 metaverse from a human-centered perspective. We systematically review the metaverse’s industrial (data from Dow Jones Factiva database) and academic (data from Google Scholar website) developments over the past 30 years, highlighting the balanced contributions from its core components: Web3, immersive convergence, and crowd intelligence communities.

Our Work “MetaCast: A Self-Driven Metaverse Announcer Architecture Based on Quality of Experience Evaluation Model” Is Accepted By ACM MM’ 23

Our paper on Blockchain-Based Carbon Market Analysis Accepted by IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine

Our work “Altruistic and Profit-oriented: Making Sense of Roles in Web3 Community from Airdrop Perspective” is accepted by ACM CHI’23

Our Work On NFT Market Manipulation Accepted By IEEE Transactions On Computational Social Systems

Our Work “Metaverse for Social Good : A University Campus Prototye” Has Been Accepted by ACM MM’21