Rhythm Dungeon

Demo URL: https://okamiwong.github.io/rhythm-dungeon-test/

Rhythm Dungeon is a rhythm game which leverages the blockchain as a shared open database. During the gaming session, the player explores a roguelike dungeon by inputting specific sequences in time to music rhythm. By integrating smart contract to the game program, the enemies through the venture are generated from other games which share the identical blockchain. On the other hand, the player may upload their characters at the end of their journey, so that their own character may appear in other games and make an influence. Rhythm Dungeon is designed and implemented to show the potential of decentralized gaming experience, which utilizes the blockchain to provide asynchronous interactions among massive players.

Screenshot of Rhythm Dungeon


Tengfei Wang, Shuyi Zhang, Xiao Wu, and Wei Cai, “Rhythm Dungeon: A Blockchain-based Music Roguelike Game”, In Foundation of Digital Games (FDG 2019) Demo Session, San Luis Obispo, California, USA, August 26-30, 2019.