Our Work “Rhythm Dungeon” Received The “Best Blockchain Game Of The Year” Award From Game Teahouse

Award Blockchain Cloud-Crowd Game

“Golden Tea Award” is an annually game award presented by Game Teahouse, a top Chinese game media. The seventh Golden Tea Award Ceremony was held on Jan. 7, 2019 at Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel.

Tengfei Wang accepting the award

Rhythm Dungeon received the “Best Blockchain Game of the Year Award” in the awards ceremony. It is a game designed and developed jointly by GAIM Lab and White Matrix Inc. Tengfei Wang, Tymon Fu and Wei Wu, the three undergraduates in our lab, are key developers for Rhythm Dungeon.

Tengfei Wang introducing our work at the ceremony

Rhythm Dungeon can be accessed at http://gaim.sse.cuhk.edu.cn/rhythm-dungeon/.

News report: http://www.lianchaguan.com/archives/13434