[Invited Talk] Xinxin Zhang: Behind Screen: An Odyssey of Computing Science and Engineering

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Behind Screen: An Odyssey of Computing Science and Engineering

Time: 10:00
Date: June 4, 2020
Zoom ID:  983 9458 0421
Passcode: ce2020

Abstract: In this talk, the speaker will reveal the secrets behind the Hollywood blockbusters movies. In the end, the speaker will demonstrate how art is heavily connected to cutting-edge technologies and how mathematical science evolves from rocket projects to our visual entertaining industry, as an “odyssey of computing science and engineering”.

Biography: Dr. Xinxin Zhang is a senior engineer at Tencent 3D Engine Team. He got his Ph.D. from The University of British Columbia, where he worked with Professor Robert Bridson and Professor Chen Greif, on problems involving PDEs and their numerical solutions. In particular, his study allows computers to generate animations related to natural phenomena, by solving the underlying physical equations in a more efficient way. He has published 6 papers at SIGGRAPH and done research works for world-class studios such as Pixar and Weta Digital, his algorithm was also adopted by the movie Hobbit 3: the battle of five armies and received screen credits for that. As a paper reviewer, he served for SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH ASIA, Eurographics, TVCG, Graphics Forum technical paper programs. He also has many invited talks at different institutions and has 50k+ followers at Zhihu.