CUHKSZ Metaverse

Beta Test Download Link (Android version only):

Or visit with passcode: vorb7o

CUHKSZ-Metaverse is a university campus prototype of a metaverse based on blockchain technology. Players can have a tour around the low poly style CUHK(SZ) campus here. The metaverse and the real world are interacting with each other all the time. Your physical position will determine the speed of acquiring tokens. And you can communicate with those “strangers” that locate in the same building as you in the metaverse. The main gameplay is based on the concept of UGC (User-Generated Content). Players can make voxel-style objects with the built-in editor; paint their pet cat freely by their imagination; sell their non-fungible tokens (NTF) in the marketplace to become rich. Your token and products are stored on your own blockchain address and become your digital assets.

Developers (in Arbitrary Order): Honghao Chen, Nanjun Yao, Qiuhong Chen, Tong Chen, Xiangyu Xu, Yifan Zhao, Yiyan Hu, Yuyang Liang, Zexin Lin, Zhen Ren, Zhonghao Lin