CIE6215: Selected Topics in Blockchain Systems

Instructor: Wei Cai


The course is designed to inspire students to systematically and critically understand technical aspects of blockchain system, including architecture, consensus model, smart contract, and decentralized applications. Students will be exposed to the latest advancement of blockchain research, including performance optimization techniques, novel blockchain structures and permissioned blockchains.

Learning Outcomes

The objective of the course is to impart a working understanding of blockchain and decentralized applications to students. The target students are those interested in decentralized ecosystem, financial technology, and distributed systems. After complete this course, the students are required

  • To develop an understanding of cryptocurrencies
  • To develop an understanding of consensus models
  • To develop an understanding of decentralized applications
  • To perform decentralized ledger implementation
  • To perform solidity smart contract design and implementation
  • To develop an understanding of payment channels
  • To develop an understanding of recent developments in blockchain


WeekContent/ topic/ activity
1Introduction to Blockchain and BitCoin
2Implementation of Decentralized Ledger
3Ethereum Virtual Machines
4Solidity Development
5Decentralized Applications
6Security and Privacy
7EOS and Blockchain 3.0
8Review and Midterm Exam
9Micro Payment Channels
10Permissioned Blockchains and Libra
11Blockchain Research: Smart Contract and Zero Knowledge Proof in Blockchain
12Blockchains Research: Consensus Models and Sidechain
13Project Presentations
14Review and Final Exam

Assessment Scheme

Component/ method% weight
Mid-term Exam30%
Final Exam30%