BranchClash’s web

BranchClash supports multiple blockchains:

1.Polygon Mainnet:

2.Zero Chain (free gas fee):

Awards received:

  1. Nitro Hackathon: overall excellence award

2. ETH Riyadh Builder Competition: Bronze Award

Developers: Hao Wu, Yueyao Li , Yan Zhuang (in no particular order)

In BranchClash, players can choose two distinct roles: the blue soldier (representing tower defense) and the red researcher (representing debuffs that decrease the success rate of the soldier level). On the main interface, each glowing cube represents a level. These levels form a tree-like structure consisting of multiple chains that originate from the same initial level. Each player must select an existing level and inherit all its attributes, including tower layout, money, and debuffs, to play the next difficulty level. The experience of this process will add a new level to the branch, analogous to the addition of a block to a blockchain. Therefore, when players engage with each level, they are collaborating with all the strategies created by the players on the same chain to complete level challenges. To enhance player freedom and promote a dynamic gaming experience, BranchClash encourages the concept of forking. When multiple players choose to play the same level, it results in the formation of multiple chains. The longest one in the whole game will be identified as the main chain. Players should design levels that offer optimal solutions or possess unique qualities to attract a larger player base and extend the length of their chain. Levels and their creators on the main chain are awarded special colors as visual distinction. Additionally, debuffs implemented in levels on the main chain of the researchers will affect the levels at the corresponding height on the soldier levels. The interplay between two player groups, soldiers and researchers, continuously influences the status of their respective main chains.