[Invited Talk] Shengdong Zhao: HeadsUp Computing: Towards the next generation interactive computing

We live in an interesting time. Although we don’t know exactly what the future will be like, transformational change is a certainty. There are several noticeable trends: one is the change of the computing paradigm from reactive to proactive. All major companies are working on this paradigm shift, investing heavily in AI and machine learning. This will redefine the role and responsibility of our personal devices and dramatically change our lifestyles over the next few years.

[Invited Talk] Haipeng Mi: HCI Innovative Research Combining Art and Technology

[Invited Talk] Xinxin Zhang: Behind Screen: An Odyssey of Computing Science and Engineering

[Invited Talk] Joseph Knierzinger: Can Data Clouds Rain?

[Invited Talk] Yufeng Zhu: An Overview on the Research and Applications of Physics and Geometry in Computer Graphics

Prof. Cai Serves As an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing